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Microtonal Guitar Duo

Is it possible to play microtonal Turkish music on the classical guitar? Microtonal Guitar Duo has been doing that since 2011! They are playing with a microtonal guitar that was designed by Tolgahan Çoğulu in 2008 and a fretless guitar. Their guitars allow them to play microtonal music with any microtones. The repertoire consists of their arrangements of maqam-based music of Middle Eastern Cultures, original compositions that have been composed for the duo and their arrangements of some jazz, rock and classical pieces.

Since 2011, microtonal guitar duo has given many concerts at festivals and universities such as Miami International Guitar Festival, 2. Sarajevo Guitar Festival, 19. Santo Tirso Guitar Festival, Sweden Erik Sahlstrom Institute, Germany Upgrade Guitar Festival, Berlin Art University, Humboldt University, and 21st Istanbul Jazz Festival.

Their first album “Microtonal Guitar Duo” was released in 2015 under the label of Kalan Music. Their album and concert repertoire includes Turkish, Kurdish, Armenian folk songs, soundtracks, and different genres like jazz, classical, pop, rock.

Tolgahan Çoğulu - Microtonal Guitar
Sinan Cem Eroğlu - Fretless Guitar

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