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Tunde Jegede - Testimony

Traditional and contemporary sounds from West Africa to Europe, the show takes us on a journey to the heart of Malian griot culture. Soul-stirring music of solo kora and cello with live multi-media visuals, which subtly blend the ebb and flow of traditional kora-playing with dynamic bass- treble contrasts. Simply uplifting!

One of the only musicians and composers to be steeped in both Western and African music, Tunde Jegede brings these rich musical legacies and sound worlds to this unique concert. A meeting point of ancient traditions with re-imagined cinematic imagery exploring old repertoire in a new light, the show is bound to take you on a timeless journey through ancient Africa.

‘Testimony’ is a solo concert by Tunde Jegede that traces the musical voyage from Bach and the Baroque to medieval Mali, to his own contemporary compositions. It’s a highly original show and the imagery gives a sense of these worlds both culturally and historically. Tunde Jegede’s music is at once an intimate and personal reflection and also a cultural expression that transcends boundaries. It is a meditative journey that touches on the essence of our being, through sound and image. This concert is a testament to Tunde’s universal appeal and shows once again that he never shies away from challenging the boundaries of music.

Tunde Jegede - Kora, Cello

Sunara Begum - Visual Arts
Pictures © Tunde Jegede